Nirmaan – Child education

Child Education
Nirmaan – Child education

Nirmaan is our flagship program. It is focussed on children attending local government and municipal schools. We conduct remedial classes for students from nursery to class 12 to help fill the gap in the support provided by schools and families.

The students are organised into class groups based on their current level of learning and not necessarily their age or the class they are currently enrolled in at school. The objective of these classes is to help students have a firm grip on their fundamental concepts and stimulate their interest in the academic curriculum.

There is a special emphasis on teaching English, Mathematics and Science. We follow CBSE syllabus and books and prepare assignments for the students on a bi-weekly basis.

Besides making the students ‘literate’, another objective of Nirmaan is to assist with their moral and personality development. To achieve this, we organise confidence building workshops, read newspaper and share updates on latest events, help access vocational training programs, etc.

Key program challenges:

  • To keep the students in school and encourage them to complete their education.
  • To devise interesting methods to impart academic lessons.