We truly believe the smiles on our children’s and women’s faces, the happy hours spent by them at Udyam and their sense of “being someone who matters” are its biggest victories. At the same time, Udyam takes pride in the transformation in the volunteer’s thought process that it succeeds in bringing as they spend time with its students and women – from the altruistic want “to give” to the learned desire “to empower”. The highlights of our work have been

  • Touched the lives of over 1000 children and 50+ women and counting! – We know we are in a long term intervention and results are not immediate. From the one girl in Chandigarh to scores of students across multiple centres is a huge highlight of our work.
  • Low school drop-out rate of the students attending classes at Udyam regularly – Now that we are a community, we encourage the kids in our system and their mothers and brothers and sisters to continue with the education so as to be able to have a better shot at life!
  • Year-on-year improvement in attendance rates – We understand we run fortification programs which sit atop the base education provided by the schools. So attending school is very important which was at dismal levels earlier
  • Multiple Centres across Locations in South Delhi and plans to open more – This is an important point. From a point where we didn’t know where to sit to a place where we can choose where to open the next center.
  • Engrossing Workshops across a variety of topics have been conducted – sexual health, hygiene, career options, drawing, crafts, sports etc so that kids can learn via different media
  • Exposure to the real world- selling to people in a corporate office, making gift bags, organizing melas and events to ensure kids don’t lag behind when they strp out in the real world
  • An year which is full of calendarised events to ensure kids have something to look forward to and they help organize and make a success. From holding an Annual Day in the Park with 10 people, last year we got to host one in SiriFort auditorium for our participants, volunteers and donors.
  • Structured Learning rather than Whimsical Teaching to ensure kids are learning with an outcome in mind. Pedagogy and consistent pedagogy is an important aspect.
  • Helped students complete schooling by passing class 12 exams successfully – children who would earlier sit at home after failing middle school
  • Nearly all children who started at Udyam at nursery level are at the age appropriate learning level and not lagging behind unlike those who started late
  • Increased involvement of parents in their children’s education and progress at school – bringing a holistic change towards the future in the ecosystem.
  • High level of volunteer attendance and continued association with Udyam, particularly from IIT Delhi and DU – Bright talent ensures we are able to pass the light to those who need it!